Here we …Go!

As we reopen at our new building, 498 Seventh Avenue, your 498 Corner will continue to be your one-stop resource to find information, ask questions and get regular updates about re-entry plans. Be sure to check back regularly!

Here we … Go!

As we reopen at our new building, 498 Seventh Avenue, your 498 Corner will continue to be your one-stop resource to find information, ask questions and get regular updates about re-entry plans. Be sure to check back regularly!

Here we … Go!

As we reopen at our new building, 498 Seventh Avenue, your 498 Corner will continue to be your one-stop resource to find information, ask questions and get regular updates about re-entry plans. Be sure to check back regularly!

Welcome to 498 Seventh Avenue

We’re officially moving into our new home – orientation day was just the beginning!

Over the past several weeks, Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities and Organizational Development, Talent and Learning—along with our 498 Ambassadors—helped 1,362 staff members get settled in our new building. After being welcomed at the door, everyone got a tour of our new space, including testing out our smart elevators and getting a glimpse of our cafe amenities, and even received some “office-warming” gifts.

We’re continuing to put the final touches on 498 Seventh Avenue, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back!

Check out our photo gallery of our first-day experiences.

Got Questions?
We’ve got answers!

Over the past few months, as we’ve prepared to transition into 498 Seventh Avenue, some of you have contacted us with more questions about our new home. On this page you will find our updated FAQs.

498 FAQs

Q: Will we have to punch in on the ADP time clocks?

A: You will not have to punch in on your first scheduled day in the office. We will confirm attendance at the check-in station on that day. However, you will be issued your new Funds ID card on your first day, and you will be expected to punch in each day thereafter.

Q: What time will we have to report to the office?

A: Directors and managers will communicate your schedule assignments to you.

Q: How will seating at 498 be revised to allow for better social distancing?

A: The Human Resources Department has worked with Funds leadership on a plan that provides for social distancing and reduced occupancy in the building.

Q: What will happen if I start feeling ill while at the office?

A: If you begin to feel ill, you should notify your supervisor, who will assist you in seeking help.

Q: How many people will be in the building at one time?

A: In general, approximately 35 percent of Funds staff will be in the building at any given time.

Q: Will social distancing signs be placed throughout the building?

A: There will be social distancing signs, as well as other environmentally friendly signs, placed throughout all common staff areas.

Q: How often will the workplace be sanitized?

A: Maintenance will sanitize frequently on each floor. High-touch areas are scheduled to be cleaned and wiped every 30 to 45 minutes, depending on products used and access to areas.

Q: Will partitions be added to the workspaces at 498?

A: Partitions are being ordered for certain staff areas.

Q: Will masks be mandatory?

A: Yes, you will be required to wear a mask at all times in all areas, except when eating. However, social distancing must be observed.

Q: What will happen if I register a temperature of 99.5 degrees or higher when I arrive at the office?

A: You will be asked to return home and work remotely. The Human Resources Department will notify your manager.

Q: How many people will be allowed in the bathroom at one time?

A: Staff members are encouraged to social distance in all areas, including the bathroom. Occupancy in the bathrooms should be limited to four people at a time.

Q: Will there be a nurse in the building?

A: As at the 330 building, there will be no staff nurse available in the 498 building. However, urgent care facilities are located throughout the area.

Q: Will we be able to use the staff café and other common areas?

A: Staff cafés and other common areas will be available for staff use, although social distancing will be required.

Q: If I feel I have a high-risk medical condition or mental illness, will I be allowed to continue to work from home 100 percent of the time? If so, what medical documentation must be submitted?

A: If you request a medical accommodation to work remotely 100 percent of the time, you must submit detailed medical documentation about your condition to the Human Resources Department. The documentation will be reviewed by a medical consultant who will make a determination about whether the condition is a disability and what your restrictions are. Then, Human Resources will talk with you about potential accommodations to enable you to keep working.

Q: If I live with a high-risk family member, will I be allowed to continue to work from home 100 percent of the time?

A: Generally speaking, you will be required to work in the office, unless you have been granted a leave of employment for personal or caretaker reasons, or granted an accommodation for your own medical condition.

Q: Will there be an updated dress code policy?

A: The Funds’ dress code policy is business casual and will continue to be enforced.

Q: Will we be able to eat at our desks in the new building?

A: You will not be allowed to eat meals at your desk. Please eat in designated areas only.

Q: My doctor does not want me to wear a face mask for medical reasons. Will I still be allowed into the building?

A: All staff members are expected to wear face masks or face coverings to gain entry into the building. If you cannot wear a face mask for medical reasons, you must be able to present medical documentation from your physician and you must wear a face shield instead.

Q: If I have school-aged children, will any accommodations be made once school starts and my children have a schedule requiring remote learning on some or all school days?

A: All staff will be responsible for making their own child-care arrangements for the weeks or days their children are scheduled for remote learning.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go – in Style!

Adjusting to the “new normal” way of working means keeping up professional appearances.

Over the past few months, we’ve all gotten a bit…relaxed in the way we work. As we look ahead to begin rotating staff next month into our new space at 498 Seventh Avenue, now is the perfect opportunity to begin taking a fresh look at workplace-appropriate dress. Whether you’re working in the office in person or joining Zoom meetings remotely with co-workers, presenting a professional appearance shows respect for ourselves, our members and one another.

Be sure to review the Funds’ guidelines for our dress code, and then check out this video for some inspiration from our Ambassadors for transitioning back to a more work-appropriate style.

So take your time, don’t rush and get 498-ready for your Day One orientation. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Get Ready to Check Out the Many Great Safety and Other Features at 498 Seventh Avenue!

Turnstile Access and Smart Elevators

At our new office at 498 Seventh Avenue, we’ve designed the space with you in mind—including many features to make sure you’re safe and healthy.

During these uncertain times, everyone is especially concerned about staying healthy. As we prepare to move to our new office building, we at the Funds are making your safety and well-being a priority. Our work areas at 498 Seventh Avenue have already been designed with many features to help prevent the spread of germs and infections, including the following:

  • An advanced air-circulation system throughout the building
  • Automated and touchless technologies in the restrooms
  • Sanitizing stations throughout the space
  • Barrier protections in Member Services areas
  • Limited seating in public spaces
  • Updated signage that will be placed throughout the building to promote social distancing

We’re also adapting our common areas—including our beautiful ground floor café and the cafés on each floor—to conform to new social distancing standards. And of course, we’ll be disinfecting frequently touched areas and surfaces regularly.

In addition to these safety measures, you can look forward to many exciting upgrades, including state-of-the-art technology. You’ll notice the differences from the moment you approach the staff entrance on 36th Street, where the glass front allows natural light to flow in. The walls in the lobby will have eye-catching video displays and museum-quality murals or artwork. After taking a brief escalator ride to the second floor, you’ll use your Funds ID to pass through a secured turnstile. Then a smart elevator that will allow for safe social distancing will transport you quickly to your floor. Signs will be posted throughout the building to help you navigate your way around each floor and department. Finally, when you clock in and out each day, you’ll now have onscreen icons and help features available with ADP InTouch.

Cafes, Open Plans and
Conference Rooms

Staff Cafes (All Floors) and Open Floor Plan (All Funds)

Here’s more of what you can look forward to at our new space:

Your Workstation: Your PC may be the same, but you will literally be uplifted by a new ergonomic chair and a sit/stand desk that can be customized for your height.

Employee Lockers: A secure digilock staff locker will be waiting for you, which has space to hold your coat, bag and lunch kit.

Staff Café: If you need a place to store your lunch, heat up a meal, grab a cup of coffee or tea for a quick energy boost, or stay hydrated, we’ve got you covered. Each floor has a staff café that comes equipped with commercial sized refrigerators, microwaves and Flavia brew master machines. Our interactive vending machines accept credit and debit cards. The café sinks use filtered water, and there are also filtered water stations that accommodate bottle refills.

Light, Open and Innovative Spaces: Our open floor design allows natural light to flow across many workstations. Offices and workrooms are equipped with whiteboard walls which can be used to record meeting notes or capture ideas from brainstorming sessions.

Touchless Fixtures: Enjoy these features throughout many areas of the building, including bathrooms, which are also equipped with privacy stalls. These touchless amenities are not just fun and easy to use—they also help prevent the spread of germs and infections.

Scanning and Secured Printing: While the Funds promotes a paper-free environment, you won’t have to worry about someone else picking up your papers if you do have to print something. A new Konica Minolta Bizhub is security enabled, which means your information will always end up in the right hands. And with various features like z-fold, banner printing, booklet and pdf password protect, these printers are versatile enough to meet the many needs of our staff and members.

We’re excited to see you soon at our new location at 498 Seventh Avenue!

User’s Guides and Instructions

ADP InTouch Timeclock

New Secure Printing

498 Wi-Fi User Guide

Flavia Brew-Master | Video Tip for Tall Mugs

Intelligent Vending Machines

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