The Support You Need to Reach Your Goals

Learning Centers offer you educational support, tutoring services, workshops and access to a variety of academic resources if you are enrolled in TEF programs. We also provide you with special assistance with literacy. To take advantage of the Learning Centers or tutoring services, contact your counselor, teacher or program manager.

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With TEF’s help, I am changing my outlook and stepping into a new career where I can grow, take care of my family, and give back to the community that supported me.

Marion Greaves

High School Equivalency Program Graduate, CST Apprenticeship, Northwell Health

Learn How to Use a Computer!

Digital literacy is a requirement if you want to advance your education and career. Become more comfortable and confident with technology.

Are You Ready for College?

The College Preparatory program will give you the keys to success by preparing you to perform college-level work.