Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program Expands to Include Patients with High Blood Pressure

Starting with 1199SEIU Home Care workers in 2015, and adding 1199SEIU healthcare workers from hospitals and nursing homes in 2017, the Benefit Funds’ Diabetes Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program has succeeded in helping hundreds of participants get their Type 2 diabetes under control. The program, which is administered by InquisitHealth, gives your 1199SEIU patients peer-driven support and motivational tools to use in-between their regular check-ups. The program’s “mentors” guide their “mentees” on how to make healthy diet changes, increase their physical activity, take their medications as prescribed and reduce stress, all of which lead to improved management of their condition. On average, program participants have reduced their A1C levels by 1.2 percent. Now the peer-to-peer mentoring initiative has expanded to include 1199SEIU members who have high blood pressure or are at an elevated risk for the condition. Recruitment for the program began in July, and is ongoing, so please encourage your 1199SEIU patients who may benefit from peer-to-peer mentoring for hypertension (or high blood pressure) to call (646) 893-1348 for more information.

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