World of Money

The Benefit Funds’ Financial Wellness program and the Child Care Corporation are teaming up to offer “World of Money,” an online program for the children of 1199SEIU members.

Give Your Child The Gift of Financial Education

The series will provide students ages 7 to 21 with access to on-demand videos, downloadable activities, automated quizzes and certificates of completion.


Young Moguls 1 & 2

(ages 7-9)

This course helps unpack your child’s money mindset and teaches important basic financial concepts. Parents, teachers and mentors are encouraged to participate with their child. Upon completion of a money lesson, the next lesson is automatically emailed daily.

Lessons include:

  • Money Drainers, Black Friday, Needs versus Wants
  • Budgeting and Savings, What is a bank?
  • Mind your own business, My paycheck, Real Estate
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Rising Moguls 1 & 2

(ages 10-12)

In Rising Moguls classes, awareness towards a greater purpose and the power of money in their lives will be taught. Parents, teachers and mentors are encouraged to participate with their child.

Lessons include:

  • Money Mindsets, History of Money, World of Currencies
  • Flow of Money, Ethics, Rich versus Wealthy
  • Pay Yourself First, Broke Celebrities
  • Needs versus Wants, ATM, My Credit
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Moguls 1 & 2

(ages 13-17)

In a few short years, Moguls will be legally responsible for their financial decisions. Moguls must have the financial education to successfully enter and thrive throughout their adulthood.

Lessons include:

  • Pay Myself First, Broke Celebrities
  • My Credit, ATMs, Mastering My Cards
  • My Legal Financial Agreements, Mind My Own Business
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Super Moguls 1 & 2

(ages 18-21)

Now that you are legally responsible for your financial decisions, you are also financially responsible for your decisions. This course will provide a financial foundation so that you can plan your financial future and financially prosper throughout adulthood.

Lessons include:

  • My Credit, Growing My Money, Mind My Own Business
  • My Credit, My Paycheck, Insurance: When Life Happens
  • Stock Market, Mutual Funds, Bonds: Long Term
  • Dividends, On My Own, Real Estate
  • Homeownership, Mobile Payments, Taxes
  • Artificial Intelligence, Safety On The Road
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