World of Money

The Benefit Funds’ Financial Wellness program and the Child Care Corporation are teaming up to offer “World of Money,” an online program for the children of 1199SEIU members.

Give Your Child the Gift of Financial Education

Children of 1199SEIU members are eligible to participate in a unique World of Money program, sponsored by the National Benefit Fund and the Child Care Fund. These self-guided online courses will provide your children age 15 through 17 with a financial education that lets them learn at their own pace. They’ll have access to courses featuring on-demand videos, downloadable activities and automated quizzes, and they’ll even earn a certificate of completion.

World of Money’s immersive one-of-a-kind curriculum equips participants with the tools to develop healthy financial habits so they can make better financial decisions. Your children will learn how the financial world works—something they are unlikely to be taught in school.

Registration opens Spring 2023


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