Pre-RN ceremonyThe 1199SEIU Child Care Corporation strives to meet the demands of the health care industry by preparing high school juniors and seniors for a career in nursing.  Through the Pre-RN track of the WorkForce 2000 (WF2) program, men and women are introduced to the nursing profession.  The Pre-RN track is comprised of academic sessions, as well as an internship.  In addition to having a strong interest in nursing, students are required to have a high school academic average of at least 80%. 

As part of the program, teens are engaged in a rigorous Saturday academic schedule taught by Master Teacher Dr. Carmelita Blake.  In depth exposure to topics such as anatomy, physiology, and public speaking are covered.  All student internships are administered under the guidance of a Registered Nurse.  Pre-RN Specialist Carla Lowe gives students crucial on-the-job experience by taking them on site visits to various 1199 hospital institutions.  Students take tours of the hospital, meet nursing staff, and are trained on how to “scrub in.”  Hospital tours are geared toward the student’s area of concentration, i.e., oncology, pediatrics, etc. so that students get the most out of the site visit. 

Part of the completion criteria consists of seniors conducting a research project, the Capstone Project, in which students must research trends in the health care industry and project future trends.  Upon completion of the two-year track, Pre-RN students are honored at a Pre-RN Lab Coat Ceremony, where past graduates of the program present current graduates with lab coats and nursing pins.  Inspired and prepared, students continue their journey exploring the field of nursing and becoming part of the growing health care industry.

For more information regarding the WorkForce 2000 Pre-RN track, please click here.  You can also email us at, or call (212) 564-2220.

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