Your 1199SEIU League Training and Upgrading Fund, in partnership with Alfred University’s Downstate Programs, is currently training 33 1199SEIU members to become mental health counselors. Members who complete the 24-month program will earn a Master of Science in Counseling and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Mental Health Counseling. Aimed at increasing diversity in the healthcare workforce and improving the delivery of culturally and linguistically appropriate services, the program will also help address the shortage of behavioral health specialists in New York City. Program participants will gain a better understanding of health disparities, interdisciplinary team-based care, cultural competency and population health. Graduates will learn to work in an integrated healthcare delivery system and provide patient-centered care services, such as multicultural counseling, group counseling, techniques of family therapy, consultation and prevention, and mental health assessments.

For more information, please contact Lewis Payton at or (212) 284-9213.

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