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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TEF has taken measures to protect your health and safety while continuing to support your educational goals and workforce needs. TEF has collaborated with multiple education partners with a focus on distance learning solutions. We now have more programs and services available online than ever before.

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The 1199SEIU Training and Employment Funds (TEF) provide services to eligible 1199SEIU members in three basic categories:

  • Training and Education - classes, workshops, programs, and assistance for healthcare workers seeking to advance their careers.
  • Job Security and Employment - services, programs and assistance for workers who have been laid-off or are seeking employment.
  • Labor-Management Projects - helping workers, the Union and management collaborate to resolve common challenges.

TEF addresses workforce challenges in the healthcare industry by creating career pathways for entry-level and incumbent workers through an economic and social justice prism. TEF promotes these career pathways for healthcare workers by developing quality education, skills enhancement training, job placement and innovative worker-employer initiatives to foster a world-class workforce that meets the demands of a quickly changing healthcare industry.

TEF is the largest workforce development organization for adult workers in the United States. It operates in five states and Washington, D.C., serving 250,000 workers across 600 employers through nine different funds that are committed to changing the structure of opportunity for historically underserved and underrepresented healthcare workers.

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