Emotional support can open up the world

As healthcare workers, you proved your resilience during the pandemic.

Now more and more of us are recognizing the need for emotional support in order to keep going and get the most out of life. Recognizing when we need help or when someone we love could benefit from mental health care is the key to finding support as soon as possible.

Watch for these signs:

  • Fatigue
  • Behavior and habit changes
  • Increased substance use/abuse
  • Drastic mood changes
  • Increased irritability
  • Isolation from friends/stopping previously enjoyed activities

Confidential support through member assistance

There are several ways for you to use your comprehensive mental health coverage to get help. With our Wellness Member Assistance Program (WMAP), you can choose in-person, group and virtual options. So if you or someone in your family needs mental health or substance abuse help, our staff of trained professionals can assist with referrals to programs and community resources, or even outpatient treatment and inpatient hospital stays. Consultations are completely confidential. You can also register for emotional health and well-being workshops. For more information, call (646) 473-6900.

Help for teens

More than ever, teens are at high risk for mental health issues, so your Teladoc benefit now covers your eligible dependents ages 13 to 17. For more information, visit www.Teladoc.com or call 800-TELADOC (835-2362).

Wellness at your fingertips

If you work at Mount Sinai Health System, their Center for Stress, Resilience, and Personal Growth offers workshops, behavioral health treatment and the Mount Sinai Wellness Hub. You also have access to well-being surveys, can receive recommendations about care and build resilience through self-guided activities.


If you work at NewYork-Presbyterian, their CopeNYP program offers free, confidential mental health services to all family members. Counseling, provided by Weill Cornell Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry, includes up to eight telehealth sessions per topic. For more information, call (646) 962-2710 or email [email protected].

It’s a partnership

It’s a partnership

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Use our online resource center to find the right care team for you!

Use our online resource center to find the right care team for you!

Use our online resource center to find the right care team for you! Hear from the expert! “As a longtime advocate for best practices in community-academic partnerships, I am pleased to be part of initiative[s] to tackle socio-economic and racial inequities in our...