Dear Members,

We know how much you value your health coverage through your Benefit Fund. In this issue of For Your Benefit, you will meet our featured 1199SEIU member, Oliveen Cowans-Mitchell, a Certified Nursing Assistant at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, who used her benefits to take charge of her health. Oliveen shares her story of how the pre-diabetes counseling she received from the Benefit Funds’ Wellness Department helped her develop healthy cooking and eating habits to get her blood sugar levels under control, losing 23 pounds in the process.

In this edition, we also look at the impact that mental health can have on our overall well-being, and share the resources your Benefit Fund provides to you and your loved ones who may be struggling. Financial stress is one struggle that can affect our physical and mental health as well, so we are pleased to offer our free Online Financial Health series again this spring. Whether you are new to the series or taking a refresher course, we are sure you will find valuable tips and strategies.

Since tax season is fast approaching, remove any stress and take advantage of your Benefit Fund’s free Tax Preparation Assistance Program. If you are eligible, the program can help you file for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which has helped thousands of members get more money back in their tax refunds.

Finally, if you are looking to advance your career in the healthcare industry, our Training and Employment Funds offer an online tool to help you update your resume and hone your interviewing skills. And for those of you with children, this issue includes information about a scholarship benefit and camp program offered by your Child Care Fund.

We hope you enjoy this edition of For Your Benefit. If you have any questions about your benefits, please call (646) 473-9200 and a Member Services Representative will be happy to help you.

Mitra Behroozi
Executive Director
1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds

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