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Mitra Behroozi

One of the major trends in healthcare today is the move toward patient-centered care. That means that more and more providers are treating the whole person, exploring treatment options that are not just based on a person’s physical condition but that also take into account his or her unique concerns, preferences and values. At the Funds, we have long embraced the idea of patient-centered care by providing both comprehensive healthcare coverage as well as wellness programs that offer you, our members, the support and resources you need to live more healthfully in all aspects of your life.

In this issue of For Your Benefit, you will learn why choosing a primary care physician is one of the most important steps you can make in ensuring that you receive that whole-person care. A healthcare provider who knows you and your lifestyle is best suited to provide care that is right for you. We are also happy to introduce to you Dr. Van H. Dunn, a former primary care physician himself, who recently joined our Funds as Chief Medical Officer. You will read about how one of your fellow members, Shelly Hall, a Patient Access Coordinator at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center’s Rutland Nursing Home, lost 85 pounds and got her health back on track with the help of her physician—and her Benefit Fund coverage. And because flu season is just around the corner, we remind you to get your flu shot to protect yourself, your family and your patients or residents.

Beyond your health benefits, you will find information and tips about the importance of healthy eating, exercise and protecting your mental well-being. In our Financial Wellness section, you will learn more about something that many of us would rather not think about, but is an important benefit available to you—a disability pension—along with a reminder that you can now request a pension estimate online through “My Account.”

Finally, we have included updates on what is going on in your Training and Employment Funds and Child Care Funds. As always, we hope you enjoy this issue of For Your Benefit. And remember, if you have any questions about your benefits, please call our Member Services Department at (646) 473-9200, and a representative will be happy to help you.

Mitra Behroozi
Executive Director
1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds

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