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Mitra Behroozi

If you have been reading For Your Benefit regularly, you know that staying healthy requires more than simply visiting your doctor for your checkup or when you are sick. In this issue, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Van H. Dunn, weighs in on the vital importance of staying current with preventive screenings in order to catch conditions or cancers early, before they become life-threatening. And because we are always looking for the most effective—and convenient—ways to help our members stay healthy, you will learn about a new, non-invasive, highly effective procedure for colon cancer screening that we hope many of you will take advantage of.

In addition, your Benefit Fund offers a wide variety of workshops, programs and tools to help you and your family improve your fitness, nutrition and physical and mental health. In this issue, we take the opportunity to remind you of all the resources you can access, including worksite wellness activities, our Member Assistance Program and health club discounts.

As is plain from the title, For Your Benefit is your magazine, so you will hear from two of your fellow members, Marlowe Smith and Jesse Cruz, both Dietary Supply Workers at Montefiore Medical Center, who have teamed up to encourage each other to stick to a workout routine and stay healthy. You will also hear from one of our retirees, Linda Beth Lawson, who shares her story of what her defined benefit pension means to her. And because it is never too early—or too late—to think about retirement, we provide details about upcoming Pension Benefit Information Sessions and Getting Ready for Retirement workshops.

Finally, you will find details on our free Tax Preparation Assistance Program, which can help you file for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) if you are eligible, and help ensure your tax refund is all that it can be.

As always, we hope you enjoy this issue of For Your Benefit and wish you a Happy New Year!

Mitra Behroozi
Executive Director
1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds

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