As an 1199SEIU member, you have access to thousands of healthcare providers within our Benefit Fund’s network. That means you can avoid paying unnecessary out-of-pocket costs when you use participating providers. Doctors who are not in the network can charge anything they want, which can be a lot more than the Fund’s reimbursement rate, and you have to pay the full balance. So going outside of our network to a non-participating provider could result in an expensive – and avoidable – medical bill, so make sure that your doctor, and any provider he or she may refer you to, is part of our network.


  • To find a participating provider, visit our Find an 1199SEIU Provider page, and search by specialty, location or hospital network. If you need help choosing an in-network provider, just call our Member Services Department at (646) 473-9200 and one of our representatives will assist you.
  • When you make an appointment with any healthcare provider, you should confirm that the provider still participates in the Fund’s network. That includes your primary care doctor; your pharmacy; surgeons and anesthesiologists if you need an operation; imaging centers or labs if you have X-rays or tests done; and any other referrals or specialists. And if your doctor writes you a prescription, remember to check the Preferred Drug List (PDL) to make sure your medication is fully covered.
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