Skills Enhancement Classes

Classes Are Held at Worksites, the 1199SEIU TUF Office in Dorchester and College Campuses


  • Employed in a bargaining unit position
  • Completed probationary period

Courses Offered Include

Course Descriptions

Adult First Aid/CPR/AED

This day long program provides students with the opportunity to get certified in CPR. Upon completion students will receive a certificate in Standard First Aid with CPR/AED for adults, which is valid for two years.

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Bloodborne Pathogens/Universal Precautions

This training course is designed for workers at risk of on-the-job exposure to blood or other body fluids that could cause infection. Students will receive a certificate valid for one year.

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Career Enhancement Workshops

Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills – These workshops seek to assist members in developing their resumes and interview skills as they complete their education and begin to apply for new, higher-level positions within their facilities and health systems. Learn how to present yourself in the most positive light.

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College Prep Class (in-person)

The College Prep Class is a great choice for students seeking to increase their skills in order to make the transition to college. The course will prepare adult students for college-level work. The course focuses on reading comprehension, English composition, basic math and algebra, and college survival skills.

College Prep Class (online)

Our online college prep program is ideal for members who have a hectic or irregular schedule and have difficulty attending regular classes. Students work individually and at their own pace, with support from the Training Fund instructor.  The program covers English, Language Arts, Math and Science. You can access the courses anytime and anywhere online with a computer or from your smart phone.

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Get to know your way around a computer and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel). Participating students are assessed on the first day of class so that the course can be customized for the group. Classes range from introductory to advanced. Topics include:

  • Organize your files – save, find, copy, delete, rename, etc.
  • Learn about web browsers, navigating the web, safe surfing, “netiquette,” searching for information
  • Compose, edit, and send email
  • Manage contacts and create distribution lists
  • Create documents like letters, resumes, or signs.
  • Produce a personal budget document or keep track of, manage, and use lists of information. Format, sort, and filter information Use basic formulas and functions

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Continuing Education Videocasts and Webcasts

The Fund’s Institute for Continuing Education develops and offers credit-bearing continuing education seminars for technical and professional healthcare practitioners. The seminars focus on trends and emerging issues facing healthcare professions, and are provided to meet re-certification requirements or as refresher courses for those who want to expand and clarify their working knowledge. Both discipline-specific and interdisciplinary seminars are offered. Seminars are offered as live video casts and live webcasts.

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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

This course helps students improve their listening, speaking and pronunciation skills. Students will learn to understand English they hear at work, home and in their community. They will also focus on speaking skills to improve their ability to communicate. The introductory level classes will focus on conversational English while higher level students will focus on advanced conversation skills and academic English. Students at some locations will also have access to limited computer training basics.

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Exploring Health Care Careers

Take an inventory of your skills and career interests and then explore potential health care careers that are a good match for you. Identify colleges and program options to further your career.

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Test Preparation Online

Get ready to take the GED (now called HiSET in Massachusetts), TEAS, or Accuplacer with our online program.  Subject matter and practice tests are included.

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Intensive Math Refresher

This course will focus on arithmetic and algebra for basic college math courses and placement exams. Topics will include decimals, fractions, percent, signed numbers, and linear equations to prepare students for success at the college level.

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Medical Terminology (credit-bearing and non-credit)

Medical Terminology is a prerequisite for many allied health careers. In this class participants will build medical vocabulary, understand terms associated with the function of the human body and learn spelling of medical terms. Additionally, students will learn word elements of anatomy, physiology, pathology and related areas in the field of medicine. Abbreviations, prefixes, suffixes and word building exercises will be included.

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Spanish for Healthcare Workers

This introductory course emphasizes conversational Spanish and the structures and vocabulary particularly useful for those working with Spanish-speaking patients and clients. A portion of the class will be devoted to related topics such as culture and lifestyle.

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