Continuing Education Benefit – TUF

Training and Upgrading Fund (TUF)


The Continuing Education benefit through the Training and Upgrading Fund is available to eligible members to help off-set the cost of attending continuing education seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. Members may use this benefit for programs needed to enhance their skills or advance in their healthcare career. This benefit may also be used for training that leads to a certification.


  • Employed in a union job at an employer that participates in the Training Fund.
  • Must be a full-time employee, or
  • Must be a part-time employee who works a minimum of 3/5 or more of full-time hours. For example, if full-time at your facility is 37.5 hours per week and you work 22.5 hours, you are eligible for 80 percent of the benefit.
  • Must have completed your probationary period.
  • Must have reached your one (1) year anniversary by the start date of your program.


  • Maximum reimbursement of $750 per calendar year towards continuing education credits or training that leads to a certification.
  • Voucher (pre-pay) is available under certain circumstances.

*Please note, this DOES NOT cover examination fee, preparation courses for any graduate level entrance examinations (i.e.—GMAT, GRE, MCAT), lodging, travel, and material expenses, books, recertification fees or exams.

Additional Information:

Questions or concerns can be directed toward the Program Specialist at your facility.

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