Syracuse: HC4 Program

The HC4 Program in Syracuse works in conjunction with Onondaga Community College (OCC) to help increase college success for our participants, who are 1199SEIU Union members from area Health Care facilities. Liso Smith is our Case Manager for the program.

During Spring 2017 we are recruiting students who need to take pre-requisites towards health care degrees.

At Loretto Learning Center we teach the following courses as part of the HC4 Program:


Skill building in Reading, Writing and Math in order to take our Developmental Courses in Reading and Writing.

TUF ENG 099 and TUF RDG 093:

Developmental courses taught by Dave Brown, Training Fund instructor. TUF works with OCC wherein OCC accepts TUF transcripts for students who have passed these two non-credit bearing courses. Successful students then do not have to take the Accuplacer Reading and Writing entrance exams at OCC and can proceed on to 100 or above level courses in English and Reading, Sociology, Psychology, etc.

New Schedule of Classes for HC4 Cohort 6 at Loretto Learning Center and on Campus at OCC:

Spring 2017 and Summer 2017: Preparation for Fall classes in the Self-Directed Learning Program at Loretto Learning Center, including:

  • Assessment in Reading, Writing and Math
  • Completing the Reading 093 and English 099 (in place of taking the Accuplacer Exam) — Transcripts sent to OCC
  • Completion of OCC and FASFA (Financial Aid) Applications
  • OCC Orientations and Review of the Training Fund Tuition Assistance process

Fall 2017 (at Loretto)
ENG 103 – College Freshman English (3 cr.)
RDG 140 – Health Science Reading (3 cr.)

Spring 2018 (at Loretto)
SOC 103 – Introductory Sociology (3 cr.)
ENG 104 – Freshman Composition & Literature II (3 cr.)

Summer 2018 (on Campus at OCC)
BIO 121 – Introduction to Biology (4 cr.)
Math Accuplacer (optional) or Math 088

Fall 2018 (on campus at OCC)
PSY 103 – General Psychology (3 cr.)
CHE 151 – Basic Chemistry for the Health Studies (3cr.)

Additional Science Pre-Requisites based on career specifics (on campus at OCC)
BIO 171 – Anatomy & Physiology I, BIO 172 – Anatomy & Physiology II, and BIO 205 – Microbiology

For more information on the Syracuse HC4 Program, contact Georges Marceau, Field Coordinator at (315) 295-1851 or at [email protected].