We have learned of a Grand Prize Winners Sweepstakes fraud scheme which uses the name of the National Benefit Fund to notify individuals that they are winners of a grand prize lottery or sweepstakes. Included with these notification letters is a forged 1199SEIU Benefit Fund check or 1199SEIU Credit Union check, presented falsely as a portion of the “winnings” to help pay for taxes, insurance, handling and shipping fees.

The fraudulent letters instruct recipients to call a phone number for verification and to wire money to an agent. Do not follow any of these instructions!

These checks are fraudulent and were not issued by the Fund. If anyone attempts to cash these checks, they will not be honored by the bank, and anyone trying to cash them could be liable for costs associated with the processing of a fraudulent check.

Here is the procedure you should follow if you receive one of these notification letters and checks:

• Report the incident immediately to our Fraud and Abuse Hotline at (646) 473-6148.
• Send a copy of the fraudulent correspondence to the Fraud and Abuse Unit by faxing it to (646) 473-6149.
• If you choose, you can also report it to your local police precinct.

Protect yourself! Do not become an innocent victim of fraud!

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