The Support You Need to Continue Moving Forward

1199SEIU TEF provides many forms of support if you want to maintain and enhance your professional credentials and advance your career. 

Get academic and career advice from industry professionals!

Online Courses

TEF provides thousands of hours of online classes and webinars enabling you to advance your knowledge, fulfill continuing education requirements, prepare for certification exams, and enhance patient care skills.

Fund–Sponsored Seminars

The Institute for Continuing Education develops and delivers nationally accredited continuing education symposiums and seminars for healthcare workers, and which you may be eligible to take free of charge.

Occupational Certificates

Certificate programs train you for new professions and often result in industry-recognized credentials. TEF can help you gain new credentials.

Skills Enhancement

Training enables you to adapt and thrive in a quickly changing healthcare industry. Enhancing your existing skills or learning new ones may qualify you for job upgrades and provide greater job security.

Financial Support

Many healthcare workers must earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to keep their licenses current. Others seek new information in their field. You may have fees reimbursed for completed CEUs.

Educational Support

Our Learning Centers offer you educational support, tutoring services, workshops and access to a variety of academic resources if you are enrolled in TEF programs.

Are You Ready for College?

The College Preparatory program will give you the keys to success by preparing you to perform college-level work.

Getting a Healthcare Degree Just Got Easier

Financial support is available if you are pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or professional degree.