For Employers

The 1199SEIU Funds are some of the country’s largest self-administered labor-management funds. Close to 860 hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies and other healthcare organizations make contributions that pay for the health coverage, pension, training, job security and child care benefits that more than 400,000 healthcare workers and their families enjoy.

This section is intended to help answer any questions about the benefits your employees in 1199SEIU bargaining units receive through the Funds, and to ensure that these employees are receiving the benefits your contributions pay for.

The Benefit Fund's Outreach Coordinators are also available to answer questions, explain Fund benefits or resolve problems. Your Coordinator is available by phone or email, or you can schedule a time for him or her to come to your institution in person.

To find out the name of your Outreach Coordinator, call (646) 473-6930 or email [email protected].

Labor Management Project

By giving workers a voice at the table, the program ensures that these solutions address the needs of the patients, employees and their employers. Projects can range from staffing retention and self-scheduling to achieving training and certification goals.

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