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    The 1199SEIU Training and Employment Funds (TEF) provide services to eligible 1199SEIU members in three basic categories:

    • Training and Education — classes, workshops, programs and assistance for healthcare workers seeking to advance their careers.
    • Job Security and Employment — services, programs and assistance for workers who have been laid-off or are seeking employment.
    • Labor-Management Projects — helping workers, the Union and management collaborate to resolve common challenges.

    If I didn't have my Training benefits, I doubt very much that I would ever have gone to college. And now, I'm both a college graduate and an RN! It doesn't get any better.

    Doreen Ankrah

    Basil Paterson Scholarship Program, Registered Nurse, Bronx Lebanon Hospital

    Prepare Yourself for College

    Pre-college programs provide you with foundational skills that equip you to successfully transition to vocational or college-based programs.

    High School Equivalency

    The High School Equivalency Program helps you earn your high school equivalency diploma.

    College Preparatory Program

    The College Prep program prepares you to successfully perform college-level work.

    Computer Programs

    Digital literacy is now a requirement to advance your education and career.

    The Support You Need to Continue Moving Forward

    Maintain and enhance your professional credentials.

    Take an accredited seminar or apply for Continuing Education reimbursement.

    Online Courses

    You have access to 2,000+ hours of online continuing education for nursing and allied health professionals through CE Direct.

    Occupational Certificates

    Learn skills to enhance your current work or become certified in a new field to further your career.

    Seminars and Workshops

    Seminars and workshops help you maintain or enhance your professional credentials.

    CEU Reimbursement

    You may be reimbursed for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) required to keep your licenses current or to learn new skills in your field.

    Core Training While Earning College Credits

    The Health Careers College Core Curriculum (HC4) Program helps you as an adult learner if you have little or no experience in higher education.