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The 1199SEIU Employment Center recruits qualified job candidates from the general public, graduates from TEF training programs, as well as 1199SEIU members.

We are the employment service of choice for 1199SEIU institutions, which submit thousands of full- and part-time healthcare job openings with competitive salaries. Thousands of 1199SEIU members like you are matched with open positions each year.

We accept applications based on prior experience, education, references, and the skill-sets required for available positions. We conduct intake sessions daily for applicants who have passed an initial resume and phone screen process.

(844) TEF-1199

I Am Looking for Employment

If you are a retired 1199SEIU member or someone seeking employment in healthcare, your skills are needed now more than ever. Downstate New York applicants only.

I Am a Laid-off Member

If you are an 1199SEIU member who has recently been laid-off, learn more about how we can help.

I Need Help with My Resume

If you are an 1199SEIU member who needs to update your resume, we are here to help.

The Employment Center helped get my foot in the door. They provided me with a stable job with good benefits which allowed me to begin a fulfilling career in healthcare.

Frank Baez

Registered Nurse, NYU Langone Health, Employment Center Participant


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