Conference and CEU Reimbursement

Supplemental Educational Benefits

Supplemental benefits are available when you have used up the educational benefits provided by your employer. These benefits include reimbursement for continuing education, seminars, travel expenses, conferences, review courses, certification exam fees and other professional development. All amounts are pro-rated for part-timers. Please see link below for information on upcoming free classes.

You can request an application by phone or in person Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Completed applications and supporting documents should be mailed to:

RN Training and Job Security Fund Supplemental Programs
1199SEIU League RNTJSF
P.O. Box 999
New York, NY 10108

For a complete description of your benefits, view your Summary Plan Description.

Additional Resources

Not all members are eligible for all benefits. For more details on your eligibility, click here.