To help address the shortage of primary care providers in New York City, your 1199SEIU League Training and Employment Funds (TEF) helped 21 registered nurses (RN) earn their Master of Science degrees in a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program at Lehman College. In the summer of 2016, all of the RNs graduated from the two-year program, which was supported by a grant from the New York State Health Care Reform Act. The grant was implemented by the 1199SEIU League Registered Nurse Training and Job Security Fund, which helped enroll the RNs in the program. TEF also offered certification prep services to FNP graduates to help them pass the licensure examination. For more information on this program or other opportunities for advancement offered through TEF, please visit the Training and Employment Funds section of this site or call (212) 643-9340.

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