High School Equivalency

The High School Equivalency program helps you earn your high school equivalency diploma issued by the New York State Educational Department. The program has two pathways, Test Assessing Secondary Completion which has nationally replaced the GED or the National External Diploma Program which is an independent study program.

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With TEF’s help, I am changing my outlook and stepping into a new career where I can grow, take care of my family, and give back to the community that supported me.

Marion Greaves

High School Equivalency Program Graduate, CST Apprenticeship, Northwell Health

GED Program

The GED program improves participants’ reading comprehension, essay writing and math skills while increasing their knowledge of science and social studies in a modern classroom environment.

The program prepares students to pass the official GED exam and earn a high school equivalency diploma. Classes are offered in English and Spanish and held two or three times per week online.

National External Diploma Program

The National External Diploma Program is self-instructional. Students learn at their own pace with guidance from tutors and assessors. Participants utilize prior learning, life skills and workplace experiences to complete eight units of learning.

No examination is taken. Instead participants are required to submit a portfolio of work after successfully completing all learning units.

High School Equivalency Test

This program is available to New Jersey residents only.

The HiSET exam is a five-part test that states use to issue a high school equivalency diploma. The exam allows out-of-school students and adult learners to demonstrate that they have the same academic knowledge and skills as high school graduates.

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Has It Been a While?

If you’ve been out of school for years or never attended college before, HC4 will help you get up and running without missing a step.

The Health Careers College Core Curriculum (HC4) Program is a supported program for undergraduate adult learners with little or no experience in higher education.