Nursing Degree Programs

Financial assistance is available if you are enrolled in a nursing program. The Training Funds also provide you with case management, academic advisement and support if you are enrolled in the following types of nursing programs:

RN: Registered Nurse Degree Programs

AAS: Associate of Applied Science in Nursing

BSN: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, including “RN to BSN”

MSN: Master of Science in Nursing, including Nurse Practitioner and other advanced nursing degrees

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Accelerated Nursing

Nursing majors sometimes need to take more than six credits per semester. The accelerated program provides you with financial assistance for up to 12 credits per semester, depending on the program and other criteria.

Stipend and Tuition Program

This program offers BSN students like you up to two days per week of stipend release time to help you manage the demands of your nursing program and work schedule.

NYC Nursing Cohorts

Cohort programs enable you to learn in a supportive environment. You, and other 1199SEIU members, will attend a nursing program specifically designed for working adults. Each cohort has a case manager to help navigate challenges.

Improve Your Nursing Skills

TEF provides thousands of hours of online classes and webinars enabling you to advance your knowledge, fulfill continuing education requirements, prepare for certification exams, and enhance patient care skills. Learn more and register for upcoming training sessions.

Need Some Help with a Class?

Don’t struggle. Our Learning Center tutors are here to help.

Learning Centers offer you educational support, tutoring services, workshops and access to a variety of academic resources if you are enrolled in TEF programs. We also provide you with special assistance with literacy. To take advantage of the Learning Centers or tutoring services, contact your counselor, teacher or program manager.

Getting a Healthcare Degree Just Got Easier

Financial support is available if you are pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or professional degree.