College and Continuing Education

Eligibility and Benefits for College and Continuing Education

Are you interested in going to college or continuing your education? The Fund offers everything from GED classes to pre-paid college vouchers.



  • 1 year seniority before program begins
  • Employed in a bargaining unit position
  • Full time employee (minimum 3/5 time for pro-rated benefits)
  • Check with your TUF Field Coordinator to find out if per diem employees are eligible at your workplace



Effective January 1,2017. Pro-rated for part-time employees. Up to 6 credits per semester, to a maximum of 16 credits per year.

Tuition Voucher

  • Tuition assistance for up to 6 credits per semester for enrollment in a job- or healthcare-related program (maximum of 16 credits per year)
  • Tuition voucher program available for public colleges so employees don’t pay money up front

Tuition Reimbursement

  • Associate’s Degree: $3,700 per year
  • Bachelor’s & Graduate Degrees: $5,250 per year

Continuing Education

  • $750 annual continuing education/professional development benefits (prorated for part-time employees)
  • Continuing Education seminars, free for TUF members and a reduced rate for non-members.


Application Deadlines

  • Tuition Voucher Application Deadline: TBA
  • Tuition Reimbursement/Continuing Education Deadline: 60 days after the end of the semester of program


Applying for a Tuition Voucher?

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