College Tuition Vouchers

Going to College? Steps to Apply for a Tuition Voucher

Step 1:

Contact a TUF Field Coordinator to discuss your plans, including which college you plan to attend and what program you intend to pursue.

The Field Coordinator will send an application and checklist of requirements to you. In addition, the Field Coordinator will inform your school that you are on the preliminary list of TUF program participants (pending receipt of ALL of the required application documents) so that you will be able to register without upfront payment.

Step 2:

Go to the college, meet with your advisor and register for your classes. Ask for a copy of your bill and class schedule.

Step 3:

Submit the following documents by the TUF voucher application deadline

  • Completed Enrollment (application) Form (given to you by TUF staff person
  • An itemized bill that clearly shows a breakdown of tuition and fees, the courses for which you are registered, and the number of credits for each semester.
  • Class registration/schedule, if not listed on itemized bill
  • Proof that you applied for financial aid (FAFSA)
  • The Curriculum /Course requirements for the major you are pursuing.
  • A transcript showing that your most recent available G.P.A. is at least 2.0 (Required for all applicants with college credits)
  • Employment Verification Letter (required every semester) from Human Resources at your institution stating: Date of hire, Job Title, Department, Full Time or Part-Time employment status, (if Part-Time, the hours worked per week must be listed) and hourly pay rate.

Step 4:

Attend classes! If you can not attend, be sure to drop your classes before the add/drop period to avoid unwanted charges. TUF will not pay for withdrawn classes.

Step 5:

A voucher document will be mailed to your home address listing the courses for which you are getting a voucher and the amount TUF will pay the college on your behalf. You are required to sign the voucher agreement and return it to TUF.

Step 6:

Upon completion of your classes, you must submit a copy of your grades to TUF. You must pass with a “C” or better. If you receive a grade of “C-“ or less, including ‘W” (or other withdraw grade), you will be required to reimburse the TUF before you are eligible for additional benefits.

You are responsible for making copies for your personal records before sending them to the Training Fund.