Upstate New York


About the Upstate New York Training and Upgrading Fund

The Upstate New York Training & Upgrading Fund is a negotiated benefit between multiple healthcare employers and 1199SEIU, covering over 15,000 employees.

Through this unique collaboration, the Fund provides career and educational advising, adult education, skills enhancement programs, tuition vouchers/reimbursement and professional development opportunities to thousands of healthcare workers throughout Upstate New York.



Overview of Benefits and Programs

Tuition Assistance

The Training Fund assists hundreds of 1199SEIU members each year in pursuing their educational and career goals.  For those interested in obtaining a college education the Tuition Assistance benefit, can significantly reduce the cost of tuition and fees, lessening the amount of money students have to pay out of pocket.

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Continuing Education

The Training Fund offers a benefit to 1199SEIU members who need or are interested in taking continuing education classes.  Financial assistance is provided for seminars, conferences and workshops related to healthcare or their job.

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Adult Education

Academic Skills Prep Classes are FREE classes available to help 1199SEIU members build an academic foundation and prepare them to take the next step in their education or career. These classes focus on upgrading individuals’ writing and math skills, thereby increasing the success of entrance into college.

Classes offered:

  • College Preparation*
  • Computer Skills*
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)*
  • GED*
  • Medical Terminology*
  • Pre-LPN*
  • Self-Directed Learning*

* Classes vary by location.

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Health Careers College Core Curriculum (HC4 Program)

Health Careers College Core Curriculum  (HC4) Program is a college program designed to offer 1199SEIU members prerequisite core college courses for various healthcare careers.  HC4 courses are taught by local community colleges and in groups with other 1199SEIU members.  The program allows individuals to pursue educational goals in a supported environment where they can acquire the knowledge and experience necessary for college and career success.

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Skills Enhancement Programs

These programs are designed to enable 1199SEIU members in a variety of professions to expand their knowledge and skills in their chosen fields.  Examples include:

  • Medical Surgery Certification Review *
  • Natal Infant Care Unit (NICU) Certification Review*
  • Pharmacy Tech*
  • Sectional Anatomy*
  • Webinars/Video casts*
  • Requested Trainings*

*Programs vary by location.

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