Tuition Assistance Benefit – TUF

Training and Upgrading Fund (TUF)


The Training Fund is a benefit in which 1199SEIU members are eligible to receive tuition assistance towards any degree that will help them obtain or advance their career within the healthcare field.


  • Employed in a union job at an employer that participates in the Training Fund.
  • Must be a full-time employee, or
  • Must be a part-time employee who works a minimum of 3/5 or more of full-time hours. For example, if full-time at your facility is 37.5 hours per week and you work 22.5 hours, you are eligible for 80 percent of the benefit.
  • Must have completed your probationary period.
  • Must have reached your one (1) year anniversary by the start date of your program.


  • Maximum benefit for tuition assistance is $3,000 annually.
  • Maximum of $265 per credit for courses in which you receive a grade of C or higher for Undergraduate Tuition.
  • Maximum of $425 per credit for courses in which you receive a grade of B or higher for Graduate Tuition.
  • There is no limit on the number of credits that can be taken in a given semester or year, but the annual benefit will not exceed $3,000 per calendar year.
  • Maximum payment for fees is $100 per semester.
  • Part-time eligibility rules will apply.
  • Tuition voucher (pre-pay) program available for many public colleges and universities and some private colleges.

List of Colleges in the Voucher (Pre-Pay) Program

Note: Contact the Training Fund to find out about a specific school not identified here as we may be able expand our voucher agreements to additional public schools.

Certified Nursing Assistant Program**


  • Must meet Tuition Assistance Eligibility Requirements above, and
  • Must be pre-approved by Training Fund staff.


  • Eligible for reimbursement up to $2,500 for C.N.A. certification training, or
  • Depending upon the vendor, eligible for pre-payment through a bursar letter up to $2,500 for C.N.A. certification training.

**Note: This is a trail program and funds are capped. Students will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

First Time Applicants or Members Seeking a New Degree need to meet with their Program Specialist in advance of their first semester during the following periods:

June 1st — August 20th

October 1st — December 15th

April 1st — May 31st

Additional Information:

Questions or concerns can be directed toward the Program Specialist at your facility.

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