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Watch the entire video here, which includes all presentations and a detailed outline allowing you to find appropriate sections. Copies of the slides used during the webinar can be downloaded below. (Running time: 2 hours, 34 minutes, 10 seconds | 76 Slides)

Detailed Outline

Use the timestamps below to find the appropriate sections of the presentation in the video.

Running time: 11 minutes, 18 seconds | Slides 1-5

Opening Remarks

Sandi Vito, Executive Director, 1199SEIU Training and Employment Funds (Slide 2)

Marc Kramer, President, League of Voluntary Hospitals and Homes (Slide 3)

Maria Castaneda, Secretary-Treasurer, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East (Slide 4)

George Gresham, President, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East and his daughter Siana (video)

“The Development of COVID-19 Vaccines: A ‘Pandemic Speed’” by Dr. Chris T. Pernell

Running time: 26 minutes, 40 seconds | Slides 6-23

11:19 — Bio of Chris T. Pernell, MD, MPH, FACPM (Slide 6)
12:23 — Start of presentation (Slide 6-7)
13:47 — Remembering those we have lost or who have been sick (Slides 8-10)
16:52 — Overview of the pandemic (Slide 11)
19:08 — Health equity and the pandemic’s effect on communities of color (Slide 12-14)
22:31 — Development of the COVID-19 vaccine (Slides 15-20)
34:41 — Racial equity and vaccines (Slides 21-22)

“COVD-19 Vaccine Update” by Dr. Shobha Swaminathan

Running time: 23 minutes, 43 seconds | Slides 24-49

37:33 — Bio of Shobha Swaminathan, MD (Slide 24)
38:38 — Start of Presentation (Slides 24-25)
38:51 — SARS CoV-2, infections and deaths (Slides 26-27)
39:27 — Vaccine strategies and the mRNA approach (Slides 28-31)
48:53 — The Moderna mRNA-1273 vaccine (Slides 32-37)
52:46 — The Pfizer/BionTech NBT162b2 vaccine (Slides 38-43)
56:33 — Recommendations and precautions (Slides 44-48)

“New York State Vaccination Plan” by Zeynep Sumer-King

Running time: 16 minutes, 42 seconds | Slides 50-60

01:01:25 — Bio of Zeynep Sumer-King
01:02:18 — Start of presentation
01:02:45 — New York State vaccination plan overview: framework and phased distribution (Slides 52-53)
01:06:59 — Eligible populations in New York State (Slides 54-58)
01:10:25 — Current status of plan and vaccine locations (Slide 59)
01:14:57 — Where to get vaccinated in New York State (Slide 60)

“Massachusetts Vaccine Rollout” by Kevin Cranston

Running time: 17 minutes, 43 seconds | Slides 51-53

01:20:35 — Bio of Kevin Cranston, MDiv
01:21:34 — Role of MADPH during the pandemic and the importance of vaccines for healthcare workers
01:25:45 — Eligibility and phased distribution
01:28:43 — Vaccine locations
01:28:52 — Mass vaccination sites at stadiums and parks
01:29:48 — Employer-based vaccine distribution
01:30:54 — Hospital “Outfacing Clinics” for healthcare workers without access to employer-based
01:32:11 — Local boards of health for first responders, police and firefighters
01:32:37 — Pharmacy distribution
01:33:16 — Website to determine vaccine location and eligibility
01:33:34 — Challenges of limited supply
01:35:23 — Overcoming reluctance to receive the vaccine
01:37:09 — Current status of phases (as of January 24, 2021)
01:37:23 — What to bring to your vaccination appointment

“COVD-19 Vaccines in the Pipeline” by Dr. Magdalena Sobieszczyk

Running time: 7 minutes, 17 seconds | Slides 65-71

01:40:21 — Bio of Magdalena Sobieszczyk, MD, MPH (Slide 65)
01:41:10 — Start of presentation (Slide 66)
01:41:33 — Virus vector vaccines AstraZeneca and J&J Jansenn vaccine
01:42:20 — About the AstaZeneca vaccine (Slides 67-69)
01:45:55 — Vaccine studies in New York City (Slide 70)


Running time: 34 minutes 30 seconds | Slides 72-73

01:47:39 — Start of Q&A with Dr. Chris T. Pernell, Dr. Shobha Swaminathan, Ms. Zeynep Sumer-King, and Mr. Kevin Cranston, MDiv


01:48:12 — What do home care workers and others need to bring to vaccine sites to prove they are eligible?
01:49:56 — If you had COVID-19, should you still get the vaccine, and how long should you wait after recovery to receive it?
01:51:30 — After receiving the vaccine, why should you continue to take standard precautions, and is it still possible to contract the virus?01:53:19 — Should you continue to do swabbing after receiving the vaccine?
01:54:03 — Contraindications: What precautions should you take if you have other health conditions?
01:55:25 — What do you do if you cannot receive the second dose of the vaccine in the 3 to 4 week window, and are there plans to reserve a supply for people who need to get their second dose?
01:59:29 — If I have had COVID-19 and would like to donate my blood plasma, where should I go?
02:00:06 — How effective are these vaccines against the new variants of COVID-19?
02:05:03 — When will the AstraZeneca vaccine be available?
02:06:06 — Why do you need to continue weekly testing for COVID-19 after receiving the vaccine?
02:07:45 — Can you still be a COVID-19 carrier after receiving the vaccine?
02:10:01 — Can healthcare workers bring their family members to receive the vaccine at the same time they do?
02:10:46 — When will the Johnson & Johnson vaccine be available?
02:11:43 — How often will we need to be vaccinated for COVID-19?
02:12:43 — Is it safe for people with multiple sclerosis or other auto-immune conditions to receive the vaccine?
02:14:06 — What happens if I receive the Pfizer vaccine for the first dose and Moderna for the second, and is one of the vaccines better or worse for people with certain underlying conditions?
02:15:56 — SIDE EFFECTS : (1) Are there long-term side effects, (2) should you receive your second dose if you experienced side effects from the first, (3) and are side effects worse if you’ve had COVID-19?
02:20:02 — Are there plans to get the vaccine to elderly individuals confined to their homes?


Running time: 11 minutes 10 seconds | Slides 74-75
Six 1199SEIU UHWE workers from various regions and occupations share their experiences receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and urge other healthcare workers to do the same.

02:22:35 — George Gresham receives the vaccine.
02:23:20 — April Stonbraker, Licensed Practical Nurse, Elderwood at Lockport, Lockport, NY
02:24:55 — Beatrice Cotley, Certified Nurse Aide, Courtyard Nursing Care Center, Medford, MA
02:26:05 — Opal McKenzie, Patient Access Registrar & Certified Nurse Aide, Cape Code Hospital, Hyannis, MA
02:28:09 — Balthazar Fortune, Security Guard, Maimonides Medical Center, New York, NY
02:29:36 — Anna Couch-Superville, Home Health Aide, Sunnyside Home Care Services, New York, NY
02:32:16 — Tanya Tingling, Registered Nurse, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, New York, NY

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