“COVID-19 Vaccines in the Pipeline” by Dr. Magdalena Sobieszczyk

Dr. Sobiezczyk discusses vaccines currently in development, particularly “virus vector vaccines” being developed by companies such as AstraZeneca, which offer an alternative approach to the mRNA vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna. (Running time: 7 minutes, 03 seconds | Slides 65-71)

Presentation Outline

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00:00 | Slide 65 | Bio of Magdalena Sobieszczyk MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine Columbia, University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chief of Infectious Diseases, NY-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, NYC

00:48 | Slide 66 | Start of presentation
01:10 | Slide 67 | Virus vector vaccines — AstraZeneca & J&J/Janssen vaccine
03:05 | Slide 68 | Global clinical development of AstraZeneca AZD122 vaccine
04:04 | Slide 69 | What we know about the AstraZeneca vaccine from studies outside the US.
05:33 | Slide 70 | Vaccine studies in New York City.
06:20 | Slide 71 | Thank you and the New York vaccine team and volunteers.

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