Massachusetts Nursing Homes and the COVID-19 Vaccine: Webinar

Detailed Outline

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Opening Remarks

Tim Foley, Executive Vice President
1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East

Barry Slotnick, Regional Vice President of Operations,
Genesis HealthCare

12:36 — Panelist Bio

PRESENTATION: MA Department of Public Health

13:39 The Vaccine Rollout in Massachusetts

Kevin Cranston, MDiv., Assistant Commissioner & Director,
Bureau of Infectious Diseases & Laboratory Sciences
Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MADPH)

Q&A with Kevin Cranston (MADPH), Tim Foley (1199SEIU) and Barry Slotnick (Genesis)

27:50 — How do you convince parents and residents in their 70s of the vaccine is necessary?
30:25 — Will the pharmacy performing the vaccine provide copies of the necessary forms to upload to our EMR?
37:16 — Will the pharmacy continue to vaccinate if all staff & residents have not been vaccinated by the third visit & what happens if someone misses their second shot?
40:51 — How many long-term care workers have been vaccinated in MA, and how many have had side effects?
41:24 — Who pays for the COVID-19 vaccine?
42.32 — Do people in long-term care settings need to present insurance?
45:18 — Overview of phases of eligibility for the vaccine.


49:07 — “COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Long-term Care”

Dr. Nimalie Stone MD, MS
Team Lead, Long Term Care Response, Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion

1:11:39 — “COVID-19 Vaccinations: How do we move forward together?”

Alice Bonner, PhD, RN, FAAN
Senior Advisor for Aging
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Adjunct Faculty & Director of Strategic Partnerships, CAPABLE Program
John’s Hopkins University School of Nursing

Q&A with CDC, IHI, 1199SEIU, and Genesis HC

1:27:56 — Two-part question: A report on Fox News claimed a man received the vaccine and tested positive for COVID-19. Can you get COVID-19 from the vaccine? What are the side effects of the vaccine?

1:39:54 — Does the vaccine affect our DNA, and is it put under our skin to monitor our activities?

1:42:11 — If you have COVID-19 currently, should you get the vaccine now or wait until after you have recovered?

01:44:08 — If I don’t get the vaccine, can my employer retaliate?

01:46:56 — The virus is mutating. Does this mean there will be a new vaccine? Will it be annual like the flu vaccine?

01:49:08 — Will the vaccine be available to undocumented immigrants?

01:51:42 — Should you be wary of taking the COVID-19 vaccine if you have had an allergic reaction to the flu vaccine?

01:53:10 — Should you continue to work if you have had an adverse reaction to the vaccine?

01:56:57 — How protected are you after receiving the first vaccine dose?

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