“Massachussetts Vaccine Update” by Kevin Cranston, Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Mr. Cranston discusses the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in Massachusetts. Topics covered include self-care for healthcare workers, vaccine eligibility and the various vaccine-location types. (Running time: 17 minutes, 44 seconds | Slides 61-63)

Presentation Outline

Use the timestamps below.

00:00 Bio of Kevin Cranston, MDiv, Assistant Commissioner & Director, Bureau of Infectious Diseases & Laboratory Sciences, Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MADPH)

00:51 Start of presentation


01:01 MADPH role during the pandemic and the importance of vaccines.

02:41 Recognizing the importance of healthcare provders

04:07 The importance self-care and receiving the vaccine.

Eligibility and Phased Rollout

05:12 Eligibility health equity and phased distribution.

05:37 Phase 1 – Eligibility for healthcare workers working in MA.

07:16 Phase 2 – People with health conditions.

07:44 Website to determine eligibility.

Vaccine Locations

08:10 Overview

08:19 Mass vaccination sites at stadiums and parks.

09:15 Employer-based vaccine distribution & pharmacy partnerships

10:21 Hospital “Outfacing Clinics” for workers at smaller facilities.

11:38 Local Boards of Health for first-responders, police and firefighters.

12:03 Distribution at Pharmacies.

12:43 Location and eligibility web resource.


13:00 Challenges of limited supply.

14:22 New ways of providing vaccination.

14:50 Overcoming reluctance to receive the vaccine.

16:35 Current status of the Massachusetts plan.

16:50 What to bring to your vaccine appointment

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