New Jersey Nursing Homes and the COVID-19 Vaccine: Get the Facts Webinar

Detailed Outline

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Opening Remarks

Sandi Vito,
Executive Director, 1199SEIU Training and Employment Funds

Milly Silva, Executive Vice President,
1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East

1199SEIU member Jacqueline Lord, Certified Nurse Aide,
Workman’s Circle MultiCare Center, talks about her experience receiving the vaccine.

James Tabak, Senior Vice President of Administration and Government Affairs,
Genesis Health Care


“COVID-19 Vaccine for Long Term Care”
Dr. Nimalie Stone, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion

“NJDOH COVID-19 Vaccine Presentation to 1199SEIU Nursing Home Staff.”
Amanda Medina-Forrester, Executive Director, Office of Minority and Multicultural Health, New Jersey Department of Health

Dr. David Adinaro, Deputy Commissioner for Public Health Services, New Jersey Department of Health

Q&A with CDC and NJDOH

53:21 — What do you do if you are away for the second dose of the vaccine?
54:36 — Why does the Phizer vaccination need to be kept cold?
55:42 — Can you get the vaccine if you tested positive for TB?
56:01 — When was the virus first isolated?
56:32 — Why do side effects tend to show up after the second dose of the vaccine?
57:36 — Are NJ home care workers considered a part of the group of healthcare workers who receive the first round of vaccines?
57:59 — How do new residents and employees receive the vaccine if they are hired or become residents after the first three vaccine clinics?
59:28 — Should cancer patients receive the vaccine?
1:01:32 — How do night shift workers get the vaccine?
1:02:13 — What happens if someone cannot get the second dose of the vaccine?
1:03:31 — Is there a schedule of when pharmacies visit nursing homes to administer the vaccine?

PRESENTATIONS: Dr. Chris Pernell and Dr. Shereef Elnahal, University Hospital

1:04:28 — “The Pulse of the Pandemic: A Year in Review, Where We Are Now and the Inception of the COVID-19 Vaccine.”
Dr. Chris Pernell, MD, MPH, FACPM, Chief Strategic Integration and Equity Officer University Hospital, Newark NJ

1:29:05 — Dr. Shereef Elnahal, MD, President & CEO University Hospital, Newark, New Jersey

Q&A With Dr. Pernell and Dr. Elnahal

1:43:12 — Was the vaccine tested on people of different racial backgrounds?
1:46:36 — Why do people still have to wear masks after receiving the vaccine?
1:52:28 — How soon does the vaccine take to be effective?
1:53:35 — Will there be a COVID-19 therapeutic with an equivalent response to the vaccine?
1:55:49 — Will the vaccine interfere with blood pressure medications, kidney disease?
1:57:50 — Is the COVID-19 vaccine DNA?

Closing Remarks

2:00:46Sandi Vito
2:01:53 — James Tabak
2:02:43 — Milly Silva

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