If you’re a retired 1199SEIU Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Pharmacist or Physician Assistant, you may apply to join the COVID-19 vaccine effort as vaccinators for the City of New York and some 1199SEIU employers. To qualify, you must have a current, valid license and be able to participate in a free, online 8-hour New York State-sponsored training. You will also be required to have a current basic life-support certificate; however, the Training and Employment Funds (TEF) will offer free classes for retirees whose training has expired.

If you are selected to participate as vaccinators, you will earn income on a per-diem or part-time basis, without compromising your pension benefit.

To apply, please submit all requested information, along with your resume, to the TEF Employment Center. The Employment Center will make direct referrals to available vaccinator job openings.

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