Eligibility for Training, Employment and Job Security Benefits

1199SEIU Training and Employment Funds

You are generally eligible for the Training and Employment Benefits if you:

Are a regular bargaining unit employee;

  • Work at least three-fifths (3/5) of the regular workweek (21 hours for Greater New York members);
  • Work at an institution that contributes to the Fund;
  • Have passed the probationary period and have at least three months of service in the institution; and
  • Have at least a year’s seniority to participate in professional, workplace skills and college-level programs.

Members are eligible for Job Security Benefits if they meet the above criteria and are either laid off, retiring within 6 months after a layoff or a full-time employee who accepts a part-time job or reduction in hours rather than a layoff.

For questions about eligibility, call (646) 473-9200.

1199SEIU Home Care Industry Education Fund

Training Benefits

You are generally eligible for Training Benefits if you:

  • Work in a Covered Position with a Contributing Agency.
  • Meet the initial “80-Hour/6 Month” Rule. To initially qualify for eligibility, you must work for at least six (6) out of the past twelve (12) months. A new worker cannot become eligible for education benefits until at least six months after the date of hire.

You will become eligible immediately upon completion of the sixth month with 80 or more hours worked, within a year. “Hours worked” includes all hours for which you were paid by — or are entitled to be paid by — your employer, including sick and vacation pay.

Tuition Assistance

For tuition assistance benefits home care members must:

  • Work in a Covered Position with a Contributing Agency for one or more years
  • Satisfy all specific prerequisites of a particular course or degree program
  • Submit the appropriate application form to the 1199SEIU Homecare Education Fund at least three (3) months prior to the start of the semester for degree programs

When the approved course of study involves preparation for a particular job, the Homecare Education Fund will require a high school diploma or GED if required for placing the member in that job.

For questions about eligibility, call (646) 473-9200.