Training for Home Care Workers

TEF provides a wide array of academic and training opportunities to help home care workers build careers, improve client care, and further strengthen the industry.

Get academic and career advice from industry professionals!


The Health Careers College Core Curriculum (HC4) Program helps you as an undergraduate adult learner if you have little or no experience in higher education.

Nursing Programs

The Training Funds provide financial assistance case management, academic advisement and support if you are enrolled in a nursing a program.

Skills Enhancement

Skills enhancement training helps you adapt and thrive in a quickly changing healthcare industry. Training offers real-world learning experience and competency-based instruction.

Registered Apprenticeships

Registered apprenticeship is an earn-while-you-learn industry specific training model that includes on-the-job and classroom training, financial rewards for skill gains, and results in a national occupational credential upon completion.

Financial Support

Financial assistance is available if you are pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or professional degree.

Educational Support

Learning Centers offer you educational support, tutoring services, workshops and access to a variety of academic resources.

Basil Paterson Scholarship for Home Care Workers Fundraiser

The Basil Paterson Scholarship provides tuition and financial support to home care workers enrolled in college and allied health certification programs.

Are You Ready for College?

The College Preparatory program will give you the keys to success by preparing you to perform college-level work.

Getting a Healthcare Degree Just Got Easier

Financial support is available if you are pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or professional degree.