Winter 2020

We know how much you value your health coverage through your Benefit Fund. In this issue of For Your Benefit, you will meet our featured 1199SEIU member, Oliveen Cowans-Mitchell, a Certified Nursing Assistant at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, who used her benefits to take charge of her health. Oliveen shares her story of how the pre-diabetes counseling she received from the Benefit Funds’ Wellness Department helped her develop healthy cooking and eating habits to get her blood sugar levels under control, losing 23 pounds in the process.

In this edition, we also look at the impact that mental health can have on our overall well-being, and share the resources your Benefit Fund provides to you and your loved ones who may be struggling. Financial stress is one struggle that can affect our physical and mental health as well, so we are pleased to offer our free Online Financial Health series again this spring. Whether you are new to the series or taking a refresher course, we are sure you will find valuable tips and strategies. And much more »

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Your Benefit Fund’s 2020 Protecting Our Health calendar is available now!

Explore the Food-Mind Connection at Our January 25 Wellness Workshop

To learn more about the connection between what we eat and how we think and feel, join Health Educator Golda Smith at our Wellness Department’s workshop.

Your Mental Health Matters

Your Mental Health Matters

You know it’s important to protect your physical health, but your mental health, which also affects your emotional well-being, deserves attention, too. If you or a loved one is suffering from a condition that affects your thoughts, feelings or mood, you’re not alone.

Oliveen Cowans-Mitchell

Oliveen Cowans-Mitchell

Faced with an increased risk of diabetes, Oliveen Cowans-Mitchell got her health back on track with the help of her Benefit Fund.

Membership Advantages

Maximize Your Refund with the Earned Income Tax Credit

The 2020 tax season is almost here, so make sure you get the most out of your return.

Our Prenatal Workshop Can Help Ensure You Have a Healthy Pregnancy

With the Benefit Fund’s free and confidential Prenatal Care Program, you’ll learn about the habits that lead to a healthier pregnancy with fewer complications.

Make Memories that Last a Lifetime!

The Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp Program allows eligible children between the ages of nine (9) and fifteen (15) to attend two- to four-week summer sleep-away camps located along the East Coast.

The Joseph Tauber Scholarship Program Makes It Easier for Your Child to Receive a College Education

The program allows children of eligible 1199SEIU members to be considered for need-based financial awards.

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