After You Retire

Receiving Pension Checks

Pension Effective Date

The effective date of your pension is the later of: a) the first of the month following your last day of work; b) the first of the month following the date you filed your completed pension application; or c) the date you requested on your application. If your pension payments are delayed, your first check may be retroactive to your Pension Effective Date.

If you have signed up for direct deposit, your pension check will be automatically deposited in your bank account the first business day of every month. If not, your monthly pension check will generally be mailed two to three days before the last working day of every month for the following month.

Other 1199SEIU Retiree Benefits: Health, Life Insurance and Burial Benefits

Retiree Health Benefits

You and your spouse may be eligible for retiree health coverage through the 1199SEIU National Benefit Fund, based on your age and years of service.
If you are receiving a pension from the 1199SEIU Health Care Employees Pension Fund, you and your eligible spouse may be eligible for retiree health benefits if you:

  • Have at least 10 years of Pension Fund credited service and/or vesting service with a contributing employer; and
  • Are an active member covered by the 1199SEIU National Benefit Fund immediately before you retire.

If you or your eligible spouse are eligible for Medicare and live in one of the five boroughs of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk or Westchester Counties, or one of the designated counties in Florida, you must enroll in the Benefit Fund Medicare Program. The plan offers an enhanced package of benefits to 1199SEIU retirees, including prescription coverage, no co-pays for primary care physician office visits, only a $10 co-pay for specialist office visits, enhanced vision coverage and free basic dental coverage.

For more information, call our Retiree Health Benefits Representatives at (646) 473-8666 (if you live outside New York City, call [800] 892-2557).

Retiree Life Insurance Benefits

You may also be eligible for life insurance coverage. For more information, call our Life Insurance Representatives at (646) 473-6730.

Retiree Burial Benefits

If available, you may be eligible for a free, non-sectarian burial plot with permanent care for you and your spouse. Free plots are located in New York and New Jersey. A $75 payment can be made to your beneficiary in place of the Benefit Fund’s plot. For more information, call (646) 473-6730.

Stay Active and Connected Through the 1199SEIU Retired Members Division

As a retiree, you’ll join more than 95,000 retired 1199SEIU members and their families living all across the country. Our Retired Members Programs can help you meet or reconnect with former co-workers and stay in touch with other 1199SEIU retirees, your Funds and your Union. The Retired Members Division offers classes, activities and trips to keep you busy in your retirement. Here are some important tips and resources to help you stay in close contact with us:

Keep Your Address Current

The U.S. Postal Service can now forward monthly pension checks if there is an address on file, so please advise the Pension Fund of any address change at least 30 days in advance. Address changes can be taken over the phone by calling the Retiree Services Department at (646) 473-8666 (if you live outside New York City, call [800] 892-2557) or you can update it yourself by logging onto “MyAccount”. Address changes may also be made by mail through the Change of Address Form for Retirees.

Keep Your Beneficiaries Current

You must call the Retiree Services Department at (646) 473-8666 (if you live outside New York City, call [800] 892-2557) if you become divorced or legally separated, or if your spouse or beneficiary dies.

Join Your Local Retiree Chapter

The 1199SEIU Retired Members Division has 23 chapters throughout New York City, Florida and the Carolinas. Check your Retired Members Bulletin or call us to find one near you, and come join the monthly chapter meetings.

  • In New York City, call (646) 473-8666; Outside New York City, call (800) 892-2557
  • In Florida, call (877) 369-8340
  • In the Carolinas, call (803) 481-0475

Get Involved in Retired Members Activities

Retirement is a transition from work to leisure, a time to change from making a living to the new business of living well. We invite you to come join other retirees for photography, knitting and crocheting, dance and exercise, day and extended trips, celebrations and much more. Find details in your Retired Members Bulletin, on our web site’s calendar or by calling our Retiree Services Department at (646) 473-8666. If you live outside New York City, please call (800) 892-2577.

Read Your Retired Members Bulletin

We’ll keep you up to date on your retirement and health benefits, retiree activities and programs, and important Fund and Union news.

Keep Your Union Dues Current

As a retired 1199SEIU member, your Union dues pay for your representation at the bargaining table on important matters such as your retiree health and pension benefits. You can sign up to have your dues — only $5 per month — deducted from your monthly pension check.

Support Political Action

As a retiree, you can help support the Union’s ability to continue having a voice in the political process.

Still Have Questions


The 1199SEIU Health Care Employees Pension Fund is here to answer any questions you have. If you need this information translated, please call one of the numbers below. We have representatives who speak your language and will be happy to help you.

1199SEIU Health Care Employees Pension Fund
498 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10018

In New York City: (646) 473-8666
Outside New York City: (800) 892-2557