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    You can still access your benefits at any time on MyAccount. You may also contact us by phone or email. See the resources below. If you need to visit us, in person or virtually, make an appointment.



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    Book virtual or in-person appointments. Or call Member Services at (646) 473-9200. You can also contact your Outreach Coordinator.

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    Learn about COVID-19 vaccines and get info on COVID-19-related benefits, including mental health and survivor benefits.


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      We encourage you to contact Member Services at (646) 473-9200 to verify the status of healthcare practitioners involved in your care. Please remind your doctor or surgeon to refer you only to participating providers, including hospital-based professionals such as anesthesiologists, radiologists, assistant surgeons co-surgeons and labs.

      Phone Visits Now Covered with 1199SEIU Providers

      If you are a National Benefit Fund, Greater New York Benefit Fund or Home Care Benefit Fund member who receives health coverage through the Fund and you need medical attention, you can now access more providers by telephone and avoid transportation and waiting rooms by using any hospital or provider in our 1199SEIU Benefit Fund network. In addition to Teladoc, we are covering phone visits with 1199SEIU providers for all medical and mental health services, including COVID-19 coronavirus-related services.

      Schedule Your Screenings for the Year

      These screenings are also an excellent way to check how well you are managing an already diagnosed condition. To get screened, visit your doctor or go to an 1199SEIU health fair at your worksite.

      Your Benefit Fund’s Chief Medical Officer recommends that you follow these screening guidelines.

      Screenings Beginning at age How often?
      Physical Exams All ages At least every year
      Eye Exams Age 40+ Every 2 to 4 years
      Blood Pressure Screening Age 18+ At least every year
      Age 18+
      If your initial test results were abnormal, or if you’re at higher risk of heart disease
      As directed per your doctor
      Glucose/Blood Sugar Screening for Diabetes*
      Age 45+ With every annual checkup
      Density (osteoporosis screening)
      Women: age 65+, as well as younger postmenopausal women who have risk factors or who have had a fracture as an adult
      Men: 65+
      Women: Once, then as directed per your doctor
      Men: Discuss with your doctor

      Cancer Screenings**

      Colorectal Cancer
      Age 45+
      Colonoscopy every 10 years or Fecal occult blood test every year or Cologuard every 3 years
      Ask your doctor which test is best for you.
      Cervical Cancer: PAP test
      Women age 21-65
      Every 3 years
      Cervical Cancer: HPV and PAP test Women age 30-65 Every 5 years (or just Pap test every 3 years)
      Breast Cancer: Clinical Breast Exam
      Women age 20+
      At your regular checkup
      Breast Cancer: Mammography Women age 40+ Every year
      Prostate Cancer Men: Discuss with your doctor Discuss with your doctor
      Lung Cancer Current/former smokers within the past 15 years, age 50 to 80, who smoked 1 pack/day for 20 years or 2 packs/day for 10 years. Annual

      * Talk to your doctor if you smoke; are overweight; have high blood pressure, diabetes or a history of gestational diabetes; have a family history of diabetes, heart disease or stroke; or are at risk for coronary artery disease.


      **For all cancer screenings, talk to your doctor about your history and see if you need to get additional tests at an earlier age.


      **For all cancer screenings, talk to your doctor about your history and see if you need to get additional tests at an earlier age.


      Sources: American Academy of Family Physicians; American Cancer Society; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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