Linda Beth Lawson fully embraces our 1199SEIU retirees’ motto of being “Retired but Active” and credits her ability to do many of the things she loves to her monthly pension benefit.

With hobbies that include line dancing and playing the violin and the clarinet, Linda Beth Lawson knows that she needs to stay healthy to maintain her active lifestyle. Fortunately, she eats a nutritious diet and doesn’t have to worry about the few extra dollars that fresh fruit and vegetables may cost her. “Without my pension, I’d be lost,” she said. “I can tell you from experience that eating healthy foods costs more than eating junk food, and Social Security alone would leave me without any choice.”

Linda Beth, who retired from Interfaith Medical Center as a Registration Clerk in 2011, enjoys the extra time she has to spend with her son and her daughter. A Brooklyn resident for 37 years, she participates in many of the activities at the retiree chapter near her home and also makes regular visits to the Retired Members Department at the Benefit and Pension Funds’ Manhattan Headquarters. Her defined benefit pension, she said, has allowed her to remain in her home. “If I didn’t have my pension, I don’t even know where I’d call home,” Linda Beth said. “We truly have the best benefits around, and I don’t know how I’d survive without them.”

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