Most healthcare providers are trustworthy and committed to patient-centered care, but as in any large industry, mistakes can be made, and some providers may even try to take advantage of the system. To help protect yourself and the Fund against fraud and abuse, remember to read your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements carefully when you receive them in the mail (or use My Account to review your claims activity online), and make sure the care you received is billed correctly. If you notice anything unusual on your EOB statements or when you access My Account, such as charges for services you did not receive, or if you believe a provider has misused the Fund’s benefits for any reason, please email our tip line at [email protected] or call our Fraud and Abuse Hotline at (646) 473-6148. If you wish, you can report suspected fraud anonymously. With your help, we can preserve valuable healthcare dollars and protect all of our members’ benefits.