An Immigrant’s Guide to Accessing Healthcare in New York

Information for Documented and Undocumented Immigrants

The 1199SEIU Training and Employment Funds (TEF) proudly support and salute our nation’s immigrants. Throughout the history of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, immigrants have stood with us in the rank and file, and in every position of Union leadership. Both collectively and individually, they have helped to build our organization and the healthcare system.

The current political climate is especially challenging for immigrants, particularly those who are undocumented. This guide is written for 1199SEIU members who may have family or friends without documentation or whose immigration status is uncertain. As a result of fear of deportation, many communities, especially those with a sizable immigrant population, have experienced a decline in the reportage of domestic violence and rape cases, a reduction in emergency room and health center visits, and a decrease in attendance at English as a Second Language and other educational programs for adults. Immigrants make up a substantial proportion of New York City residents, and it is estimated that immigrants make up approximately 40 percent of the city’s population, of which approximately 500,000 are undocumented.

Immigration Resource Guide


Know Your Rights

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