QCC XII Conference

Annual Citywide QCC XII Conference

Quality Care Community Conference XII
“Transforming Nursing Homes for Generations”

November 10, 2011 

Quality Care Community Conference XII Program

Implications of Health Care Reform and the Medicaid Redesign Team
Presentation from Ken Raske, President
The Greater New York Hospital Association

Workshop Materials

Delivering Higher Tech Person Centered Care

Workshop 1

Philip Mehl, Christina Jones, Elizabeth Haskins & Rebecca Carey, Mountainside Residential Care Center;
Jay Sackman, Sackman Consulting

Learn how to use available technologies coupled with simple and fun changes in workplace culture to enhance creativity and Person Centered Care.

Creating Home: Starting the Culture Change Journey

Workshop 2

Emi Kiyota, Ibasho & Lois Schram, L/S Gerontology Seminars

This workshop will ask participants to see their facilities in a new light. The definition of home versus homelessness will be explored as a means to motivate caregivers to redefine their facilities and to be ready for the challenges ahead in creating home for their residents and themselves. 


Beyond Diversity – Developing Cultural Competence

Workshop 3

Rodney Brown & Regina Censullo, Labor Management Project  

This workshop is designed to increase sensitivity and awareness of an increasingly diverse resident population and workforce.  We will explore and challenge our own assumptions about people who are different and use a “secret ingredient” to expand our hearts and minds. 

MDS & QIS – Connecting the Dots

Workshop 4

Margaret Greeley, Loeb & Troper LLP 

This workshop will explore the role of the MDS in the Quality Indicator Survey process; as a reimbursement tool for both Medicare and Medicaid recipients and as a quality enhancement tool for all residents.  During the workshop we will define the MDS and RAI process with emphasis on the interviews and ‘resident’s voice’ and relate this process to the New QIS process.  At the conclusion of this session participants will understand the importance of the MDS and the value of their role in ensuring accuracy. 

Advanced Practical Skills for Union and Management Culture Change Leaders

Workshop 5

Lloyd Maul, 1199 Health Care Workers East SEIU
Mark Stumacher, Eger Health Care & Rehabilitation Center
Mike Shay, Praxis Consulting Group 

This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of “interest based problem solving”.   The skills needed to practice this method will also be introduced and practiced through the use of group exercises.  Eger Nursing Home will be showcased as a facility that has successfully applied these skills in their culture change journey. 

Planning our Roadmap Together in a Managed Care World

Workshop 6

Roxanne Tena-Nelson, Continuing Care Leadership Coalition

Bring your internal compasses and planning skills! Participants will experience an interactive approach to internalizing the concept of managed care, and will connect this experience to reform initiatives pointing health care in the direction of managed care. 

Protecting Caregivers & Residents for Generations: Safe Resident Handling

Workshop 7

Kelly Moed, Nursing Logic LLC

This workshop is an introduction to Safe Resident Handling (SRH) Program implementation for healthcare workers who are involved directly or indirectly with handling and moving patients. Nurses and nursing attendants are consistently listed in the top 10 occupations for work-related musculoskeletal disorders according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009). Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to identify the key components of a SRH program as well as the numerous benefits of reducing both staff and resident injuries by elimination of manual lifting. 

Labor & Management: Partnering to Make it Happen

Workshop 8

Marie Rosenthal, Miriam Levi, Noel Auld, Emilio Torres, Jewish Home Lifecare
Scott White, 1199SEIU  

This workshop will take a walk through the history of Culture Change and the history of Jewish Home Lifecare and the influence on changing models of long-term care.  Participants will hear about the formation of Transition Committees and how Labor and Management partnered to instill new models of care.  We will discuss how new leaders were created and explore the value of relationships in the nursing home. 

 Lessons from Hurricane Irene (AM Only)

Workshop 9

John Seals, 1199SEIU Vice President
Scott Amrhein, Continuing Care Leadership Coalition
Kelly Donahue, Greater New York Hospital Association
Debbie Friedman, Labor Management Project

How did Hurricane Irene affect you?  Did you get evacuated? Did you receive residents and staff from evacuated homes? Were you in the Office of Emergency Management? Were you at home?  Come share your stories of what worked in this crisis and where we need to improve for next time.  Help develop a checklist that can inform the long term care community for the future.  

Transformative Leadership: Empowering Change Agents One Worker at a Time (AM Only)

Workshop 10

Clyde Riggins, Jr., Labor Management Project
Jessica Brunson, Clive Green,  NYU Langone  
This workshop will Introduce participants to an overview of the Department of Labor’s Green Grant that focuses on the Greening of Healthcare.  The experiences of Environmental Services Workers transforming into Green Trainers and Ambassadors will be showcased along with green principles and activities from the grant program. 

Improv for Staff, Elders & Everyone Else Who Wants to Transform Care! (PM Only)

Workshop 11

Linda Provenza, Strategies for Change Inc.            
Anyone can join us for a safe, easy, yet deeply transforming workshop.  Games, exercises and techniques will be used to explore the journey to person-centered care.  Take these skills and activities back to use with your staff, co-workers and elders.  No experience is necessary! 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. 
— Margaret Mead 

Empowering Peer Leaders to Change Culture: Approach Coach Program (PM Only)

Workshop 12

Mary Tess Crotty, Genesis HealthCare     
Getting real-time advice about how to respond respectfully and effectively in tough situations is a tremendous support to all staff and helps strengthen a culture.  In one nursing Center, Genesis HealthCare expanded its traditional peer leader program for nurse assistants to peer leaders at all levels.   The Approach Coach role was developed to support staff working with challenging behaviors.  An overview of the curriculum, role development, staff experience and results will be presented. 

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