“Don’t Google-diagnose yourself: Go for regular checkups with a doctor who knows you!”

Milton Cruz, Emergency Department Technician, Northwell Health-Cohen Children's Medical Center

Milton Cruz has been seeing Dr. Marie S. Percy-Leroy, a PCP at AdvantageCare Physicians—which provides culturally and linguistically accessible care in New York City—for the past 15 years. Milton first went to Dr. Percy to make sure he was healthy enough to start the physically demanding work in emergency medical services.

“I have a great relationship with her,” says Milton, who says he can talk to Dr. Percy about almost everything. “If I’m doing something I shouldn’t, or if I’m doing something that will keep me on track, she’ll let me know:,” he says. Milton credits this partnership with providing the support he needs to maintain a healthy weight, control his blood pressure and quit smoking.