At-home Colon Cancer Screening Test Covered for 1199SEIU Patients

In an effort to raise the colon cancer screening rates of our members, the Benefit Funds now provide coverage for the Cologuard Collection Kit. As you know, early detection is key to successfully treating colon cancer, and our members have screening rates below the national average. Cologuard is an easy-to-use, at-home screening method that requires no special preparation, dietary restrictions or medication changes. We encourage you to discuss this new alternative with your 1199SEIU patients for whom it may be appropriate. We understand that Cologuard may not be the right option for all patients, including those at high risk of developing colon cancer. Please note that we require prior authorization before prescribing the Cologuard test. For more information about the Cologuard Collection Kit, please visit

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