“It’s convenient to have my primary care physician here. It makes it easier to follow through with my appointments, as opposed to having to take a day off work.”

Damaris Alicea with her Health Care Provider

Damaris Alicea, Patient Access Representative,
SBH Health System, Ambulatory Care Clinic

Damaris Alicea works hard at her job, and thanks to the Primary Care Program at SBH Health System, she can still maintain a relationship with a primary care doctor who supports her health.

Damaris has been a patient of Dr. Guido Macchiavello for seven years, so she knows he’s someone she can trust. Recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Damaris is working with “Dr. Mac” on a plan to get her A1C numbers back to a healthy level. To achieve that goal, he recommended that she work out at the SBH Healthplex Fitness Center, which is also onsite. “It’s easy,” she explains, “I finish work, then go to the gym right next door!”