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Wondering how much your monthly pension benefit could be? Try our online Pension Calculator. All you have to do is type in your information and you can receive an estimate of the pension payment you qualify for--it's that easy.

Remember! The Pension Benefit Calculator is only an estimate based on the information you provide. You should contact the Pension Department or meet with a Pension Counselor for more information. You can also request a written estimate of your pension benefit up to once per year.

To schedule an appointment, email us or contact the Pension Department at (646) 473-8666.

For a full description of your Pension Plan, check your Summary Plan Description.

Step ONE

Are you disabled?
No Yes Disability

You may be eligible for a disability benefit if you:
  • Are approved for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.
  • Had a condition or event which led to your total and permanent disability, and began or occurred on or before your last day of working in a bargaining unit position with a Contributing Employer.
  • Left employment with a Contributing Employer as a result of your condition or an event.
  • Have the minimum service requirement:
    • 5 years if you stopped working on or after June 30, 1989
    • 10 years if you stopped working between December 31, 1974 and June 30, 1989
Date of birth:
First day worked:
First Day Worked

Your first day of employment with a Contributing Employer.
Last day worked:
Last Day Worked

Your last day of employment with a Contributing Employer.