Change Healthcare Is the Benefit Funds’ Exclusive EDI Partner Effective May 15

The Benefit Funds previously shared information about consolidating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) clearinghouses into a single gateway through our partnership with Change Healthcare. This consolidation became effective May 15.

All clearinghouses and billing agencies must submit the following EDI transactions through Change Healthcare:

  • Professional and institutional claims: Payer-assigned payer ID 13162 – CPIDs 4551 (INST) and 5405 (PROF)
  • Claims status: Real-time payer ID 1199NB
  • Eligibility: Real-time payer ID 1199NB
  • ERA: Payer-assigned payer ID 13162 – CPIDs 4551 (INST) and 5405 (PROF)

As of May 15, the Benefit Funds reject all EDI claims submitted directly to the Benefit Funds. If you do not have a clearinghouse or billing agency, or your current clearinghouse or service provider is unable to submit transactions through Change Healthcare, you may submit directly by connecting to Change Healthcare’s Connect Center portal.

If you have questions or encounter an issue during this transition, please contact Change Healthcare:

Please call the Benefit Funds at (646) 473-7160 for additional support.

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