Vivian Fox

Executive Director
1199SEIU Child Care Funds

Vivian Fox is the Executive Director of the 1199SEIU Child Care Funds (CCF) and the President of the 1199SEIU Child Care Corporation (CCC). The CCC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to supporting 1199SEIU members, their families and their communities through affordable child care and educational programs, as well as cultural arts programs, holiday and summer camps, SAT prep courses, and college and workforce preparation programs. Partnering with some 500 participating employers, the CCF and CCC have served more than 300,000 children since its inception.

Ms. Fox joined CCF in 2006 as the Executive Director of CCF and President of CCC. Under Ms. Fox’s leadership, the CCF and CCC disburse $50 million annually in benefits to eligible 1199SEIU members and their children. During her tenure, Ms. Fox has raised more than $2 million to increase program outreach to the community at large and has expanded program services and curricula at the Future of America Learning Center (FALC). In addition, she established a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) program at FALC with a grant awarded by the New York City Council. FALC also received one of the largest “Universal Pre-K for All” grants in New York City, and has been selected as a citywide model for innovative curriculum development.

Prior to joining CCF, Ms. Fox was President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Medical Fellowships. Ms. Fox has more than three decades of experience in creating and overseeing innovative social service and health programs, in both the private and public sector. She has served as Executive Director of the YWCA of the City of New York, Managing Director of the New York City Private Industry Council and Executive Director of the New York City Employment Committee. Ms. Fox has also worked as a consultant to the Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. In 1989, she was inducted into the YWCA Academy of Women Achievers. In 1995, she was recognized at the White House by First Lady Hillary Clinton as one of the nation’s outstanding nonprofit CEOs.

Ms. Fox received a Bachelor of Science from the City University of New York at Hunter College. In 1996, she became an ASPEN Scholar, and in 1997, she completed the Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management series at the Harvard Business School.