Member Testimonials — Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp

The following testimonials come from anonymous surveys of 1199SEIU members whose children have attended an Anne Shore camp.

“My kids made friends from all around the city …

and were introduced to counselors from around the world.”

“My child learned drama, making new friends, independence, responsibility, awareness of her surroundings and her behavior — all great stuff!!!!”

1199SEIU Member

“This motivates my daughter to do well in school all year. She knows that if she does not do well she will have to go to summer school and she will miss out on camp.”

1199SEIU Member

“They taught sailing, archery and canoeing …

Those are experiences I would not have been able to give my child.”

“My city child, who was not fond of the outdoors, came back from her camp experience having gone hiking, canoeing, jumped off a waterfall, and no longer requires goggles to swim…. Her camp counselors told us that she was the camper who pushed herself the most out of her comfort zone. My daughter has grown in confidence from her experience at camp Glen Brook.”

1199SEIU Member

“[My son] experienced first-hand how to adjust to different personalities and situations, making even more well-rounded. He also learned how to create games on a computer.”

1199SEIU Member

“Staying away from home gives children independence within a supervised framework. They can be away and still feel safe and secure while enjoying their favorite activities.”

“I would like to thank the 1199SEIU [Child Care Fund] for instituting this program. A sleep-away summer experience is invaluable for child development and an enjoyable, invigorating experience that cannot be captured in a regular school year. Thank You!”

1199SEIU Member

“This is such an excellent program but I don’t think enough members are aware of the advantages it offers. Personally I want to thank the Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp Program for affording my child this wonderful opportunity that I may not have been able to give. As a thank-you I will do my best to spread the word and encourage my fellow 1199ers to participate in the program.”

1199SEIU Member

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